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Get Organized: The Home Office

March 10, 2015
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How to get organized: simple tips on how to get started and what to do

Over the last few weeks we’ve been getting organized together, room by room, and we’ve finally arrived in the home office: one of the most satisfying rooms to organize and revamp.

Every office should maximize functionality and productivity, allowing for storage, work space, and perhaps space to meet with clients.

I’ve found the secret to an organized office is having all of the storage solutions you need to keep papers, files, supplies, and books in their proper place. 

This means that whether you work from home, as I do, or just use your home office space for paying bills and filing paperwork, the first step is to make a list of everything you will need to store or file.

Then it’s time to do some shopping.  Don’t just stick to office supply stores, though.  I’ve found TJ Maxx  and Home Goods are great places for creative office storage solutions.

Beautiful boxes, containers, and baskets, as shown above, all add storage space, organization, and style to your office.  

Remember that supplies, sample and price books, inventory, reference manuals and books, forms, and stationery all require different types of storage. 

By thinking “outside the box” and using clever design, you can make it all function perfectly and still look great.

When choosing your desk, chair, and work surfaces, keep in mind ergonomics, especially if you spend a lot of time at your desk.  Don’t just pull in a chair from the kitchen to use at your desk.  Furniture designed specifically for your height and weight can save you from experiencing aches and pains from sitting all day in an uncomfortable chair.

Don’t forget to provide seating for your guests and clients, too.  This is where you can get a bit more creative. 

My office has a side chair in a bright yellow and white floral pattern which adds a punch of color and whimsy to the room.

Home offices can have work islands just like the kitchen.  They can be made the right height for counter stools so you can stand or sit while you work.  These islands can be put on casters to move around and can double as display spaces to feature your work.

Bookshelves, modular storage and shelves, hanging systems, credenzas, armoires, sideboards, industrial shelving, bakers’ racks, and china cabinets can all be used in a home office for storage.

In my office, I use a pretty white dresser/credenza which stores an amazing amount of stuff–file folders, stationery, supplies, labels, and shipping supplies all stay neatly hidden within.  On top, I display family photos and mementos from our travels, personalizing and beautifying what could otherwise be a rather boring space.

I love chalkboards and bulletin boards for the home office.  They can be attractive and corral the clutter at the same time.  Use them to hold notes, memos, photos, art displays, reminders, and business cards.  You can either hang them on the wall or place them on an easel or art shelf.

Closet doors, upholstered or painted with chalk board paint, can also be used for this purpose.  In fact, imagine an entire wall covered in cork or upholstery–it could provide efficiency, beauty, and acoustical privacy all in one!

Speaking of acoustics, ideally, you don’t want to be talking on the phone and have dogs barking (happens every time) in the background.  Clever ways to add acoustical privacy include wall upholstery, special wall treatments that insulate against sound, and water elements.

If you’re short on space for a home office, consider using a closet as a clever solution.  A properly-placed shelf for the desk surface and shelves above and to the side can make a perfect mini-office which can be closed off to hide clutter.  Try to keep the paint color light and add plenty of lighting to keep from feeling closed in.  Closets can also function as a place to hide electronics like printers, fax machines, and copiers.

While you’re organizing your home office, you might want to take some time to update your vision board, as I did recently.  Since our goals and dreams are ever-evolving, make sure your board always reflects the direction your life is currently taking.

I’ve found that, as in everything, it’s the small things that matter.  Staying organized in your home office helps you keep a clutter-free mind, which opens up mental space for creativity, new ideas, and more joy in your life.  ♥

Do you agree?  Please share, below!

xo  jane

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