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Oat Flour Crepes Recipe (gluten free)

May 4, 2015
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Each day, I try to approach everything I do with a mindset of joy. And I can’t think of a better (or more delicious) way to add a touch of joy to my day than by enjoying these oat flour crepes.

Gluten free oat flour crepesCrepes, no matter what you choose to put inside them (even just a pat of butter), make every meal feel like a special occasion. 

Even though oat flour crepes may seem out of the ordinary, they’re surprisingly easy (and fun) to make. Just get your swirling wrist warmed up and you’re ready to go!

The best part is that once you’ve made your crepes, you can pop them in the fridge or freezer and have them on hand to use any time–as an instant breakfast, a satisfying lunch or dinner, or an elegant dessert.  (I recommend making a double or triple batch so you’ll always have plenty on hand.)

My oat flour crepes are extra light and fluffy, and to make them gluten free, I use this oat flour.  But if you don’t have oat flour on hand, regular flour will work fine (of course, then they won’t be gluten-free).

The filling possibilities for these wonderful oat flour crepes are endless. 

  • For breakfast, you could fill them with eggs and cheese, peanut butter, sunflower butter, almond butter, chocolate hazelnut spread, jelly, fruit, etc. 
  • For lunch, try filling them with crumbled feta cheese, avocado, and thinly-sliced ham or turkey. 
  • And for dessert, you can really go crazy!  One of my favorite filling combinations is melted dark chocolate, sliced strawberries, mini chocolate chips, chopped nuts, coconut, and whipped cream. 

Add a cup of coffee and put on some music, and you’ll see what I mean about crepes=joy!

Gluten Free Oat Flour Crepes Recipe


Oat Flour Crepes (gluten free)

Makes about 8 eight-inch crepes


2 eggs
1 cup oat flour (use gluten free oat flour for gluten free crepes)
1 cup milk of choice (regular, almond, or coconut)
dash salt
1 tablespoon cane sugar or coconut sugar (or stevia to taste)
Cooking spray


  1. Whisk all ingredients together in a bowl (or place in blender and blend on medium) until most lumps have disappeared. 
  2. Heat a 10″ non-stick pan over medium heat; spray with coconut oil cooking spray.
  3. When pan is hot, pour about 1/4 cup batter into pan and swirl until pan is coated. 
  4. Heat crepe until edges start to turn golden and turn up slightly. 
  5. Using a spatula, turn crepe over and heat on other side until done.  Transfer to plate. 
  6. Spray pan with additional cooking spray before cooking each crepe. 
  7. Place a small square of waxed paper between crepes to keep them from sticking together.

Bon Appetit!  ♥

 Gluten free oat flour crepes

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